Blender Reviews- Buying the Quietest Blender

Blenders are essential kitchen appliances as they are versatile and allow you to make numerous things, with the vitamix new model being one of the best today. Unfortunately, the noise that these appliances make can hinder them from being used. The manufacturers have come up with ways that they can reduce this noise level of the blenders. One way they have done this by dampening the sound coming from the motor housing of the devices. Another way that they have done, it is by sealing the blender with a plastic housing. Other manufacturers have further used both means to reduce the sound.  Click here for more info on such blenders.

How to Reduce Blender Noise
In most cases, the budget limits many people from buying the quiet blenders that they desire. While you may want to buy a silent blender, there are some things that you can do to reduce the noise level of the one you have.

a) Move the Blender from the Wall
When using the blender, keep it away from the wall at least two inches. This way, the noise will not have to bounce off the walls, and thus the sound level is minimized. Make sure that you set the device at the center of the counter.

b) Using a Silicone Mat
Also, you can use a dish towel. You simply lay down the silicone mat or the dish towel beneath the blender when in use. This helps in absorbing the sound produced rather than echoing it off.

c) Sound Enclosures
Another way you can do away with the noise is buying sound enclosures. These casings are bought separately with the blender jar and can greatly help reduce the noise.

When buying a blender, there are many things that you need to consider. One thing that you need to take into consideration is what you will be using it for as well as your needs. This way you can determine the amount of power you will require and if you will need to buy any attachments and accessories.

Price is another thing that you must take into account. The price of the blender will depend on the features and power of the blender. A mixer with more features will cost more than one with fewer features. Consider features like the motor size and the pulse rate. You need a blender with a super motor that can handle your blending needs without overheating the blender. The pulse feature is equally important as it allows to stop the motor and mix harder to break down the ingredients before turning on the motor again.

Here are some health benefits that you can get from blending food: